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Our Heritage

Our rich heritage started in 1830 when a small group of believers organized a Baptist church in Phoenixville. The first meeting house was a humble “shanty” about three blocks from our current building.  Three years later the current property was purchased and the first permanent building was built.  As a result of several revival meetings, we outgrew the building within a few years. The structure was dismantled in 1854, and the materials were used to construct a new building. We worshiped in this building for more than 50 years. When it needed major repairs in 1911, the congregation decided to construct a new building. We continue to worship in the 1911 building today.

Phoenixville had several evangelistic revivals through the years, and the Baptist Church grew significantly. Between 1830 (when we first organized) until 1880 (on our 50th anniversary), there were 1235 conversions.

Outreach to our community, nation, and world was always a priority. We helped other young churches in the area, supported several world-wide missionary efforts, provided Christian education through a highly successful Sunday school program, and supported foreign missionaries.

Our commitment to furthering the gospel was demonstrated by our role in ordaining ten pastors and commissioning five foreign missionaries.

In 2011 we changed our name from “The Baptist Church of Phoenixville” to “GraceCrossing Community Church.” This name change reflected our desire to be an inviting church to persons regardless of denomination. Our denominational affiliation (American Baptist Churches USA), doctrinal beliefs, and ministries were unchanged.

With more than 185 years of vibrant ministry in Phoenixville, we continue to proclaim our faith throughout the community, nation, and world. We worship, learn, and pray together in a loving community. We put our faith into practice with tangible outreach efforts.